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2007 - Data-Driven Instructional Leadership

Author: Rebecca Blink

For an excerpt from Data-Driven Instructional Leadership by Rebecca Blink, click here

With real-world examples from actual schools, this book shows you how to nurture a culture of continuous improvement, meet the needs of individual students, foster an environment of high expectations, and meet the requirements of NCLB.


-Overview of the Data-Driven Instructional System Model
-Data Collection
-Data Reflection
-Data Translation
-Data-Driven Instructional Design
-Design Feedback
-Summative and Formative Assessment
-Summary and Results: Is It Worth It?

In Process - Student-Centered Staff Development

Information Coming Soon

2005 - How Do K-12 School Districts Design
Data-Driven Systems & Utilize Those Systems to Improve
                                                               Student Achievement


The Full Dissertation can be Purchased from UMI Dissertation Express
Order# 3175472

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