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About DDIS:

Dr. Rebecca Blink has been with the Chilton School District since 1995, serving first as a District Reading Specialist and, for the last eight years, as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction/District Assessment Coordinator/District Data Manager. She has a master's degrees in reading education and educational administration and received her Ph.D. from the University of WI-Madison. Dr. Blink's dissertation was entitled: How do K-12 School Districts Build Data-Driven Systems and Utilize Those Systems to Improve Student Achievement. Dr. Blink's work includes a K-12 Systemic framework that can be utilized by school districts nationwide to provide structure to their data-driven initiative. Dr. Blink's Data-Driven Instructional System's framework was developed through her dissertation research in partnership with Dr. Richard Halverson at the University of WI-Madison. The DDIS framework includes six components: data collection, data reflection, data translation, data-driven instructional design, design feedback, and summative/formative assessment.


Dr. Rebecca Blink is the author of Data-Driven Instructional Leadership. The book is based on the DDIS framework. To view further information on the book titled Data-Driven Instructional Leadership, click (DDIL).